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Sunday, 28 August 2011

7th month pregnancy..it just gets better!

heyya~! just some short update for my well being.. hehe

now i've entered 7th month pregnancy..well i have my share of ups n downs while reaching this stage, but im still holding on ;)

neway..my tummy is getting bigger by weeks, suddenly my belly also half pop out, n d baby..wooaahhh.. is making me damn tired.. He just keeps on moving n sometimes im short of breath when he did dat. i think its becoz he pushed his legs or hands directly at my stomach level from d inside..somehow sort of blocking my breathing a bit..but dats normal they say.. and yes, its hard for me even more, to control my toilet routine, coz d baby keeps on pushing underneathe too. sometimes even while i was sitting, walking, talking, or even do nothing, when i sneeze, d urine somehow comes out too. owh my! feel like wearing dipers. hahahah!

well despite that, i didnt really go for medical check up dis month.. planning to go next month..hopefully everything is ok with d baby..just getting bit tired with d scanning process..its not really recommended too to do scanning every month. if d time took to scan is too long, d radiation may effect d baby..so short2 can la. but ppl recommend to do scanning every month to avoid complications from occuring. just to be alert n notified if something is not right..

so yeah..dats all for now. to be continued~ daaaa~!


Sunday, 3 July 2011

Mid stage of Pregnancy..Owh My!

so Now entering July..gonna be 6 months pregnant.. and alhamdulillah, all is well.

3rd, 4th n 5th month of pregnancy was great! i can start eating Nasik! and few lauk but mostly No chicken. feel like gonna puke back if eat too much portion of chicken. Fish, okay laa~ but most of the time i drink Soya, almost everyday i have to eat Tau Foo Fa (naseb ade jual dekat gerai2 area rumah) fuuuh! and of course..still more dishes with CHEESE~ nyaaaamm!

n Now that i can eat Nasik, my weight gone up a bit to 53kg currently. and my tummy is getting bigger, assuming that the baby is getting bigger too coz now i can feel the kickings and the stretching! eeeeeeeeeekkk! gua nak tido skang pon susah tau tak~ tido tegak takleh..coz doc said it may effect the baby coz it may block the saluran darah to d baby...that's one heck of a change coz all dis while, i used to sleep menegak. hurrmmm..but getting used to it. but even when im sleeping at the right position, the baby is still active. TOO active in d nite. bapaknye dh selamat berdengkur, yg kite keep on awaken by the movement 2,3 pagi.. haiiyaaa! manyak ngantok worrr siang hari..uhuuk!

well i hope my baby remains active n stays healthy..hope i gave enough nutrition through my food intakes.. n i did not berpantang for my foods sgt pon since doc says, its still ok can eat whatever u feel like eating but make it a small portion for sushis and durians. yessss!! lepas kegilaan i nak makan benda2 alah tu. hahaha

As for the sex of the baby, it's confirmed that its a BOY.. Alhamdulillah~ hope both me and afiz can raise him well later.. bit nervous to have our first new born...but im still ok knowing that i can still rely on my buddies if ever i need any help for the new born later...

So aunty2 n uncle2~! jgn buli baby dya plak yea memandangkan bapaknye suke membuli org. hahhaha..hope our son will always be close with my trusted n lovable circle of frenz..

Estimated due on 1st November 2011..but we'll see how it goes..ill try to update more later!


Tuesday, 29 March 2011

22 to 24 cars kene pecah??

few days ago, there's an incident happened around our neighbourhood.. just one street in front of our house, up to 24 cars kene pecah cermin n all things inside are mostly gone. how can this happen?? banyak tu~ no one hears any alarm, or bunyik cermin pecah or nething. anyhow..

all cars are at d same road.. depan is open area whereby people jog,naik bike, jalan2, smue la coz its an open taman rekreasi.. there's no security guard on that area becoz the residence dont want to share n pay for it. unlike our row.

so could this be something that was planned by the thieves dgn guards because they were not demanded or paid to guard that row, or is it just another genius minds that are really desperate to get money by stealing?

d big question is.. how can it possibly been done, in a very short time tengah malam, without anyone noticing anything or any sound. n how can d guards are not aware enough of d incident padahal they were demanded by our group of neighbours to make rounds each our starting from 9pm to 9am d next morning.

any thougts? anyone?

Friday, 25 March 2011

my stages of pregnancy..

23rd March 2011

It’s been a while since my last blogging.. Well went for lunch with Yan@Zyan Zara, and upon request, she asks me to update my blog.. Continue my story of life since i have more free time then before.. So ok..Here goes.

My life goes on so fast now..i was engaged in year 2009, got married in 2010, n now, gonna have my very own child on 2011... how time flies...no wonder they said life is too short.. it did felt like it... Anyhow..now became something more exciting to be shared with all.. since it’s my first pregnancy, and everything jumble up with people’s opinions n doctor’s opinions and owh so much!

Yan, i’ve decided to do this, just for u, and because of u. Thanx babe! ;)

Ok moving on..first check up was on 2nd March..only then i get to know that i was 1 month pregnant.. before knowing, i noticed as usual, late in getting my period. Then, i had a very very bad fever, demam+selsema+batuk n it went on for nearly 2 weeks. N my body weight goes down nearly 3kgs because of that. My weight stays at 50kg.

Then when it’s confirmed, doc gave me folic acid, said to add blood into my system. And told me i cant do heavy workload, cant stand longer than half an hour ( pressure dekat rahim ), cant JOG!! Cant even briskwalk.. dayumn!! Mati akal sat. Hahahah..n he told me i may be among them who will have hard time to eat, coz i will be so choosy. Depends on what the baby wants to eat. And lucky me. I am. Hahhaha..

Some people told me cant eat Tom Yam coz too hot, i eat it anyway. Some said cannot eat Ketam coz its quite hot food. I still eat it! Most said cant eat Pineapples. N yes, i wont dare to eat that even if its just a kuah. N when i ask doc, do i have to limit my food n beverages, he just laughed n said no worries. Eat whatever u want except pineapples. YES!! I was so happy!! Muahaha!

So yeah had difficulties to eat. Middle of the night suddenly want ONLY Mc Donald’s nuggets. Then lunch i want A&W waffles. Few days later I wanted really bad for satay sri Melaka. N yes! Got it! Thanx to my BFFs Adzani n Yan for accompanying me n drove me all the way to Taman Melawati to get d satay..owh i was so satisfied!! Nyaam! Then following days, i craved for lasagne. OMG.. very bad stomach. My baby wants to eat more western then locals. I haven’t eat rice since im pregnant. Tried, but cant get the feel of it. I’ll puke back if i eat whatever i don’t feel like eating.

Today, had my 2nd check up..n guess what! No more just a Telur! I managed to see the baby’s head n body..and of course...what took my breath away is the cute n fast heart beat....owh my god...i was so speechless..i can see the heart beating on the screen, and doc scanned to bring up the sound of it..and i stopped breathing just to hear it...it was beautiful...it’s a miracle..n it’s a healthy baby..
And i just found out that i cant eat sushi! Thanx to Yan for informing me that it may effect my baby’s health for eating sushi....but i want to eat SALMON SUSHI!!! Uuuwwwaaaa!! Damn u yan. Hahahah..owh n i did get myself some AMWAY products to keep myself n baby healthy. So i don’t take any meds from doc n he said its ok as long as it is taken with the right dosage n what’s needed. So i proceed. 

Every morning i drank one glass of protein shake (with green tea flavour) mainly for needed amount of protein for body + skin care, lunch time ill eat 1 tablet of iron folic (for blood), 2 pills of each supplement like calcium+magnesium(for bones), lecithin-E(blood circulation), bio-C (vitamin C n few minerals needed for body), and of course B Complex. Since all are 0% chemicals medicines, i have no doubts in it and i like to give the nutrients that my body needs. Not what i want my body to have or not what i thought my body needs. Nutritionist in Amway provides me with enough details for pregnancy care and love them for it! Thanx!
So ok that’s all for now.. wait for my next story mory session ya!

ADIOS~! ^_^